The 6 Best Ways to Cum More Sperm

Are you tired of weak ejaculations?

ready-to-cum-moreAre you ready to produce more sperm, have better volumes, and cum more so that sex can be awesome?

There are a number of ways that you can make this happen, starting right now!

If you’re ready to take control of this situation, then you can begin creating waterfalls of cum instead of a dribbling, dripping tap.

It begins with the amount of water you drink every day. You need to stay fully hydrated to maximize the amount of cum that you can produce. Without proper hydration, your body takes the water you do have to meet specific needs.

Improve Cellular Metabolism

1) If you suffer from a consistently low volume, then you could be missing key minerals that your body needs to create cum in the first place. Try taking some zinc combined with some folic acid to remedy this problem. For every 15mg of zinc that you take, add at least 1mg of folic acid to achieve the best results.

Eliminate Sugary Drinks

2) Men who drink sodas, energy drinks, and other high sugar options have up to 30% less cum then men who drink decaffeinated tea, water, or fruit juices. You’ll also gain a secondary benefit by kicking the carbonated drink habit: many of them contain high fructose corn syrup and high intake levels of this sweetener have been linked to liver problems.

Work Your Kegels

3) Men are encouraged to flex their PC muscles because it can lead to better overall prostate health, but a positive side effect of this is increased ejaculate as well. You know those muscles you use to stop urine from flowing? That’s what you’ve got to flex and you’ve got to do is without clenching your butt, hips, or quads. Hold the muscles for 10 seconds and then repeat 10 times to complete a set. Try to get in 3 sets a day [or more] to maximize results.

Garlic Is More Than Vampire Protection

4) Garlic contains allicin, which improves blood flow to your sexual organs and happy testicles mean you can cum more over time. You don’t have to just eat it raw or take supplements that can give you terrible breath. Take a clove, mince it, and include it with your final meal each night to achieve a manly amount of cum.

Take a Walk

5) Bicycles are terrible for reducing cum amounts so consider walking somewhere if you can instead of driving or biking. Your boys will be happy, especially if they aren’t all bunched up in tighty-whiteys that are a size too small, and that will help you create loads of cum over the next couple days.

Wait a Little For More Sex

6) Although more sex will encourage your body to create more cum, you can also have too much sex. The optimal window is to have sex at about once every day or two. Any more than that and your body won’t be able to keep up. Less than that and you’ll be missing out on opportunities.

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