The 9 Best Ways To Get a Harder Erection

You don’t need to have a full erection to have sex, but a rock hard dick is the best way to make sex enjoyable for everyone! If you want to get an erection that is so hard that it literally hurts when you walk, then you’ll want to take advantage of the best ways to achieve this result.

harder-erectionIt all begins with your overall health. The best erections come from relaxed blood vessels, which means eating a heart-healthy diet. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat pizza, fried chicken, or salt, but it does mean you should regulate it a little if you’re disappointed with the results of your erections.

Make Sure You Sleep

1) When you get enough sleep, your body is prepared for sex. You’ll enhance your sexual desire, improve the balance of your hormones, and give your heart the tools it needs for better blood flow.


Eliminate the Vices

2) If you’re taking a substance to help you feel better, it will negatively affect your sexual performance. The most common vice is alcohol and smoking, but pot consumption, illegal drugs, and even fatty foods in excess will also cause a problem with your erections.


Add Some Resistance

3) Building muscle helps your metabolic rate and that helps your sexual drive. You don’t have to get into full weight training to achieve hard erections, but being active will help you out a lot. Many guys find success with the 10k steps diet, while others enjoy strength training for stronger erections.


Utilize a Penis Pump

4) Pumps give you harder erections by forcing blood into your penile tissues. You’re giving your penile tissues the oxygenated blood it needs for a strong erection and this will be further enhanced if you utilize a ring to restrict blood flow afterward.


Don’t Eat Before Sex

5) If you have a large meal or snack before you have sex, then you won’t achieve a maximum erection. This is because your body utilizes the blood flow for digestion and nutrient distribution instead of helping you pitch a tent.


Have More Sex

6) When you have more sex more often, you’ll boost testosterone levels dramatically. If you can’t have sex, even consistent erections are beneficial because it helps to flush away the toxins that can build-up in the tissues of the penis.


try-pillsTake Some Pills

7) Penis pills are a great way to improve erections because they work to relax blood vessels, improve blood flow, and even specifically stimulate the tissues of the penis.


Stretch It Out

8) Penis stretchers do more than just increase penis size because they also give your body the foundation it needs for a harder erection. Wear an approved medical device at least 4 hours per day with appropriate tension to maximize your results.



9) The issue most men face when it comes to poor erections is stress. Find a way to relax, through meditation, Yoga, video games, internet surfing, or whatever you prefer to improve your overall sexual health.


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