Can You Get a Bigger Penis in 15 Minutes?

 Are you trying to increase the size of your penis?

There are three basic methods that most guys take to achieve this: pills, pumps, or stretchers. Surgery is a fourth option, but one that is often considered a last resort and is used only in extreme cases of cosmetic deformity or need because the penis isn’t long enough to penetrate.

Which method is right for you? Is it really possible to get a bigger penis?

bigger-penisThe Pros and Cons of Pills

Penis pills are often the cheapest initial route to go because they can deliver results almost instantly. The issue here, however, is that pills at best will only maximize your current size and girth.

You aren’t actually growing the size of your penis but are instead allowing your penis to reach the highest point of its actual size.

Pills are an excellent resource for men who have trouble with blood flow issues. They will relax blood vessels, improve sexual desire, and potentially increase the volume of ejaculate that is produced so that orgasms can be better. The issue is that if you stop buying the pills, then you stop getting the results.

The Pros and Cons of Pumps

Penis pumps are an excellent resource to utilize when it comes to getting a larger dick because you can achieve results in as little as 15 minutes.

You get a temporarily bigger size immediately that can give you a stronger erection and impressive sex! It works because blood is drawn into your penile tissues so they can stretch out and become more elastic. Over time this can even begin to develop into permanent results.

The cons of using a pump usually involve a matter of timing. If you want to have sex, do you want to be pumping your penis up like a pair of sneakers before getting it on? Too much pressure can also cause bruising, but this can be countered by an effective pressure regulator.

The Pros and Cons of Stretching

Penis stretchers, usually in the form of a traction device, are one of the most effective methods of achieving a bigger dick. You apply a consistent amount of pressure on your penis for several hours per day, usually at home after work until you go to bed. Over time, this creates longer and wider erections and many men see increases in flaccid length as well.

big-dick-sexIt’s the time that is the issue with this method. Although some men see noticeable results in about 6 weeks, it can be as much as 4 months before results start to appear.

Men who are smaller in stature tend to see the best results and an added benefit is that a good device can help to straighten out a penile curvature as well.

It is possible to achieve a bigger dick with all three methods, each with their own different way. Choose the method that works best for you so that you can achieve maximum results!

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