What Is a Penis Ring? Why Is It Used?

Placed at the base of the penis, a ring is used to slow the flow of blood away from an erection.

vibrating-cock-ringThis allows men to have an erection for a much longer amount of time and different sized rings can be placed at different places on the penis for better individualized performance. They are often prescribed to fix problems with erectile dysfunction, but they can be used for recreational purposes as well to make sex be breathtakingly awesome!

Are you thinking about using a penis ring? Then here’s a few things you’re going to need to know.

Many men use these rings in conjunction with a pumping device. To create an erection that can last a massively long time, use a ring after you’ve used a penis pump. The pumping action drives the blood flow into the penile tissues and then the ring blocks the blood flow back. This may discolor the penis slightly to red or purple tones based on how much blood you pump into this tissues, but you’ll have a rock hard dick in return.

Sometimes a ring just looks fantastic! Sex is as much a visual enticement as it is a pleasurable one. By creating more anticipation of a quality experience, you can actually enhance the sex you’re about to have because you’re exciting your partner. With a good looking ring, which may be something your partner has never seen before, you’ll create desire.

big-dickThey can cause a LOT of pleasure. Although slamming your penis into someone else’s orifice feels pretty good, sex is also about mutual pleasure. By wearing a ring, you’ll be able to create stimulation for your partner on their most sensitive places, causing spectacular orgasms to form and quite possible the best sex that they’ve ever had.

Some rings even have the ability to vibrate. You know how women love to use a good vibrator because it stimulates awesome orgasms? Now imagine that you can do that all on your own with this device.

It delays ejaculation. The compression on your penis works in two ways: blood flow and ejaculation. By delaying the actual orgasm and then prolonging it because of the compression of the sperm tubes, you can create intense sexual experiences that you and your partner will want to repeat time and time again.

Make sure you’ve got some lubrication handy. Even if you’re putting on the ring before you’ve been aroused, it can be difficult to get it to fit on without some lubrication on hand. If you don’t have any available, even soap or saliva works better than having the ring cause friction on your penis, potentially pain, and eliminate the desire before sex before it begins.

Triple rings are available too. Don’t just settle for a ring around your cock. A triple ring, one that fits around your penis and your testicles, will intensify an orgasm even more because it forces your testicles to stay away from the body.

Don’t wear the ring for more than 30 minutes. Penis rings can be dangerous to your health if they are worn for a prolonged period of time. Make sure to slip it off before falling asleep as this can lead to nerve damage.

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